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Spotlight on Extreme Reach

  • Illuminaiton Series Extreme Reach article

The Illumination Series is a collection of independent MarTech product reviews, that are designed to provide insight on interesting marketing technologies. Each article focusses on a single supplier and allows vendors to share their thoughts on the state of MarTech, as well as the key features and benefits of their platform.

In this edition, we talk to software vendor Extreme Reach. The company offers a number of platforms to support the advertising, media and entertainment industries, including the world's largest database of creatives, directors, agencies and brands, known as 'Source'; a cloud based solution for the management of assets, pitches and projects called 'Slate' and their primary tool 'AdBridge', that seamlessly combines asset management with digital delivery and ad serving. Here’s what they had to say…

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Extreme Reach is different from any provider in the space, in that our video-first asset management platform, AdBridge, stands today as the only permission-based, highly secure cloud solution that seamlessly integrates all related brand creative and campaign functions in one central system: Ad Serving, Linear TV Distribution, Talent Payments & Rights Management, Traffic & Clearance Services, Creative Asset Management, Social Media Video Versioning and more. 

Extreme Reach is an enterprise platform that integrates all of the steps and processes for deploying brand video. We do not buy or sell media. We offer exclusive, independent technology that can deliver video ads to any screen— from OTT, CTV, mobile, desktop, linear TV, and beyond—while handling all aspects of Talent & Rights wherever those ads play. One platform and a single path enables superior control and transparency, always-on access to assets, plus critical data collection and insights along the creative workflow journey.

Furthermore, because of the mission-critical role Extreme Reach plays throughout the advertising lifecycle, we are uniquely positioned to radically streamline campaign execution, by virtue of already housing a majority of brand creative assets in AdBridge. Our unique experience understanding file requirements and transcoding provides unparalleled expertise, often saving additional time and confusion in the campaign trafficking process.

Our comprehensive Talent & Rights solutions offer a blanket of protection to any creative ad campaign representing a true, one-of-a-kind benefit to brands and their agencies. ER's proprietary Talent & Rights Tag ensures all ad served impressions are in compliance with complex Talent & Rights contracts, minimizing the risk of costly penalties.

Strategic relationships and integrations include brand safety and verification partnerships with DoubleVerify (DV), Integral Ad Science (IAS), and the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG). We also support impression pixel tracking appended to VAST tags served by ER from a wide variety of technology partners such as: Google Campaign Manager, Flashtalking, Conversant, Salesforce Audience Studio, Resonate, Rockerbox,, Nielsen Marketing Effectiveness, Barometric and Neustar. Our Video Ad Server is MRC Accredited for Desktop and Mobile Web Video Impressions and Completes, filtered for GIVT. Most recently, Extreme Reach was named in AdExchanger’s inaugural list of The 2020 Programmatic Power Players, the digital marketing industry’s first searchable guide to the best agencies, tech providers and partners in the business.

A true differentiator lies in our World Class Customer Service. Our teams bring decades of experience and deep subject matter expertise to each product area. We offer a variety of service levels from fully managed to completely self-serve, both options including a dedicated account manager and access to 24/7 customer support.


Launched in 2008, Extreme Reach has been powering the advertising, media and entertainment industries for over a decade. The company now includes more than 750 team members with deep and diverse expertise, connected by ground-breaking technology and a shared passion to super-serve each and every customer across every product line. With our headquarters in Needham, MA, and our largest office in New York City, we currently have 17 locations globally, including most major cities in the US, Canada and UK. 

Extreme Reach has revolutionized the way marketers and their agencies control the deployment of creative assets and how the media surfaces those ads to execute campaigns across the complex media landscape. With over 20 million ad creative assets in our care, every path to any screen is built right inside the AdBridge platform.


Extreme Reach works with leading brands and their agencies in every sector of the industry, including automotive, financial, retail and entertainment, to name a few. All of the companies in the AdAge Top 100, are among our client base.

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There are an abundance of point solutions available in the MarTech space, but only one solution that eliminates duplication of the multiple processes involved in the full journey, from ideation and budgeting of creative assets through production and final asset formatting to campaign launch, collection of data and analytics, management of creative assets and secure cloud storage. Our AdBridge platform stands alone in the industry in its ability to fully integrate Talent & Rights information with every video asset destined for any screen or device. Our technology is purposefully built to align with marketers’ natural workflow through the entire lifecycle of creative assets, connecting both upstream (production houses/edit suites, creative agencies) and downstream (all the media/social destinations).


In a world in which video advertising now includes an ever-expanding number of formats and specs, managing creative assets and all of the Talent & Rights contracts associated with them, launching campaigns on time, and stopping them when rights expire, has become extremely complex. Despite the speed at which media is bought and sold, launching digital campaigns has actually been far more cumbersome than getting an ad on air on linear TV. Extreme Reach has changed that for all of our customers, by simplifying every step of the marketers’ journey from the creation of video assets, to the sunsetting of campaigns and the storage of assets.

Our research shows that the average marketer supports the advertising of 6 brands, which typically involves 10 creative agencies, 8 media teams, and 17 post-production houses to source, manage, and deploy ad creative. For companies with roughly 30 different advertised brands, the number of teams involved balloons to more than 150. That’s hundreds of people who need centralized access to creative assets, so they can get to market fast and execute flawlessly, according to plan. 

Being able to extract the most future value from these assets is dependent on having centralized, secure access, with integrated rights management. The ROI on expensive ad productions increases every time footage can be repurposed to suit additional creative needs. 

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Extreme Reach services cross multiple areas and our nimble team of engineers and developers are focused on innovating and upgrading functionality across each of our product offerings. Through close partnerships with clients and an emphasis on customer service, our two week release cycle is built to respond quickly to customer feedback, while meeting regular milestones in development. 

Creative Asset Management clients will continue to see the expansion of capabilities into the extended marketing ecosystem, with future integrations into additional enterprise DAM and production workflow solutions. The roadmap also includes widespread improvements in streamlining publishing to social channels, addressable TV, connected TV and other destinations. In addition, enhancements to the user interface and experience across our physical asset management, catalog and shopping cart, approval workflows, reporting dashboards, and additional Talent & Rights can be expected.

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While marketers always have an eye on costs, budgets and ROI, smart spending seems to be a big focus right now. It makes a lot of sense given the unpredictability of 2020 and a need for sustained success in the new year. We see a trend in brands moving toward a consolidation of technology vendors. The benefits are many, especially if a strong partner has multiple capabilities that provide strategic support for the team. Expanding the scope of work with fewer partners leads to even stronger partnerships and a greater sense of commitment and investment from both sides. Fewer vendors means less time spent on-boarding, streamlined communications and processes, less paperwork (ie. fewer monthly invoices) and likely significant cost savings as well. Simplification also helps teams stay nimble, and if we’ve learned anything from 2020, it’s the importance of pivoting to meet the moment at hand with relevant messaging. Smart investment in the right tech partners provides a foundation that empowers marketing teams for success.


There are so many ways for marketers to connect with consumers today and those options continue to expand with great frequency. Often overlooked is the importance of the foundational technology that enables the organization to manage the creative process from origination through to execution. While perhaps less shiny, this technology is critical for marketers operating in an increasingly complex ecosystem. The past year made clear that the ability to quickly adjust campaign messaging and imagery is now essential for marketers. That can only happen successfully when creative assets are organized and accessible to all who need them.

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